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Zone 1: Europe
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 Ranks of Zone 1

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Lara Aultman
Zone 1 Leader
Zone 1 Leader
Lara Aultman

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Ranks of Zone 1 Empty
PostSubject: Ranks of Zone 1   Ranks of Zone 1 EmptySun Nov 25, 2007 8:50 pm


It has been decided to start a ranking system to define who is our leaders our heroes, and our soldiers.

To get a class, you must PM me with the list of nicks you are responsible for bringing here, thankyou.

All members must have at their profile at least with some info in it, and a picture wil be a most definite PLUS and may get special recocnision.

All new members will start at Civilian class and must join Soldier class within a month or be banned.

Civilian - Gets banned within a month
Soldier - Just join up, and have 1 post!
Offiers - Get 3 more members to join, have 3 posts.
General - Get 33 members to join, and have 20 posts.

The Deputy Leader possition is open for the first person to reach General class. Although this possition may be givin under special curcimstances aswell.

Besides having that ranks they fall into catagories namely: Heroes, Offier and Soldier.

Civilian = Has no class
Soldier = Soldier class
Offiers = Offier class
General = Heroe class

Soldier: A normal member of Zone 1, can post and read.
Offier: A step above Soldier, admins wil take care to listen to requests from this class.
Heroe: A special rank, can post, read, and delete msgs by himself, will be asigned on the moderater board, but not the admin board.

The Deputy Leader wil be part of the admin board meaning he/she will have all the powers the Leader has.

Mein Volk meine Liebe

Lara Aultman
Zone 1 Leader
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Ranks of Zone 1
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