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 Germany for Germany

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Lara Aultman
Zone 1 Leader
Zone 1 Leader
Lara Aultman

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Germany for Germany Empty
PostSubject: Germany for Germany   Germany for Germany EmptyThu Jun 05, 2008 9:36 pm

The European Union is corrupt and collapsing before us! My Fatherland, Germany, is busy making plans to end coonections with the EU and become the dominant Economic Super power of Europe.

It is my full belief that this is Nationalism on the rise in Germany on full swing, it has been so in the history of this country, everytime we have become united under one banner we knew we are ment to rule ourself and to be the leader in the european theatre.

We had united under one banner in the Prussian wars and bad years were to follow but a rise once again came with the old Imperialists fighting for the Keiser in World War 1, which we lost due to traitors inside the country...we all know who they are! Then Germany once again united under one banner under our Fuhrer Adolf Hitler and it became the super power of the world. Ater those who wish to destroy us got their way Germany was in a low for a good number of years...up until now..1990.

And Russia, once again showing military might in the red square, supports Nationalism to Europe by arming the people of Europe for the Revolution that is to come.

It is time to rebuild Germany into what it is ment to be, the leaders of the European Continant and then the World. It is my understanding Germany wish to do this via Economic control, I support it! And I know the changes soon to come after Nationalism is once again re installed will be remarkible to say the least.

Mein Volk meine Liebe

Lara Aultman
Zone 1 Leader
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Germany for Germany
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